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Mysterious Trench Coat Man Rushes Stage During Encore at Charlottesville Concert

September 28th, 2006

During the encore at the final show of the tour for the Dave Matthews Band a “fan” in a trench coat seemed to find his way onto the stage during the encore. He was immediately tackled by security and removed from the stage, but it gave the boy’s in the band quite a scare and as a result shortened the encore and got off the stage. This took place at the end of “American Baby Intro” and instead of playing “The Last Stop” which was originally planed to be played, they went directly into “Stay” to finish off the show.

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Stefan Lessard posted in his recent blog on myspace, “We were planning on Last Stop, and as much as we love this song and thought it would be cool playing this song at the end of the last show, that guy freaked us all out pretty bad so we played Stay and got off the stage quick. Some one told me that they heard him screaming, Look at what they are doing to your son, Father! as he was getting hauled away by the police. WHEW!”

We are all glad that no one got hurt and the situation was disarmed and taken care of in a professional manner. You can view a few videos on youtube.com

documenting the trench coat man walking on stage and a close up Carter Beauford who was clearly upset by the whole situation.

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