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Dave Matthews Band Records New Album with Klein & Hummel Monitors

February 2nd, 2007

speaker.jpgMixonline.com recently reported that two pairs of Klein + Hummel near-field monitors were installed at Haunted Hollow Studios in Charlottesville, Va where the Dave Matthews Band are current recording their new studio album to follow up multi-platinum selling “Stand Up”.

Two different types of monitors were installed. A pair of O 300D active three-way reference monitors were set up for use in the B room, which is typically used for songwriting and vocal recording, while a pair of O 110 two-way near-field monitors were installed for the main tracking and mix room.

O 300 D Active Studio Monitors Specs

O 110 Active Near-Field Monitors Specs

Klein & Hummel have been making audio equipment for over 60+ years. Check out klein-hummel.com for more state of the art audio equipment.


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