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Dave & Tim Play Private Show for Advance 08



In the midst of preparing for a 3-month summer tour and working on a new studio album, Dave Matthews took a break with Tim Reynolds and performed a private show in Seattle, WA, last night, May 20th, 2008.

The private event was part of the activities held for Advance 08: The  Advertising Leadership Forum, held by Microsoft.

The concert was performed at the Late-Night Lounge at the Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA. 

In the recent past Dave Matthews has played a couple private corporate events. Just last month Dave Matthews Band played a private show for the Annual Outback Steakhouse Conference in Polk, FL and a Best Buy Charity event last summer.  

The whole setlist is still unconfirmed, however some of the songs played are known, based from a series of youtube clips taken from a fan.

Confirmed songs played include:

All Along the Watchtower, Lie in Our Graves, Ants Marching, Where are you going, Crash into Me, and an unknown Tim Solo. 

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