What Do You Say?

Happy New Year!  

This is the year the band has decided to forgo a summer tour. How could they do this to us!  

Beginng in May and running through Labor Day Weekend, our lives center around the touring that we have all grown so accustomed to. Requesting time off from our jobs, booking hotels, camp sites and cashing in our pennies to attend as many shows as we can, will all be put on hold.

Dave and Tim have decided to go on the road - tropical style- but the price tag for that is steep for many fans.

So what are we to do? 



For Tomorrow we die...







Hold on Tight


In one week Dave Matthew's Band will begin the second leg of their anniversary year summer tour. August 26,2016 they will begin in California and end on Sept 4, 2016 at the Gorge in Washington. This tour, has so far, given us new songs, a full night of electric tunes, and has proved once again to us all that the music and the memories we make are what pull us back every year. 

Having said that, what is the plan for 2017?

The announcement of a year of no touring  had us in a panic but now there has been some ripples of what might be in store. Of course we are all expecting a new album. There were songs played last year during the tour and the new tunes this year, if put all together,  could probable make up an album all by themselves. However, in all probability, the  band will probably serve us some never before heard tunes too! 

There have been a few announcements about the projects that some of the band members will fill their time off with. Boyd Tinsley is promoting a band - Crystal Garden - all over his Twitter page. Already there has been shows and periscoping for those who are interested. An announcement that they will be playing after N2 of Berkley and after N1 and N2 of the Gorge has many looking forward to his project with this band.  

Tim Renoylds and his group T3 are hitting the road this fall beginning in October. Check out his official website for details.  

Jeff Coffin just released a pre-order of his latest album -  Sometimes Springtime- and continues to sit in with many artists. Jeff also teaches and has workshops that enrich and inspire many young musicians throughout the country. 

On September 11, 2016 at 10:00 pm on TNT the Dave Matthews Band will be highlighted on a Music Star's Intimate Hometown Performance. The Charlottesville, Va show will be shown in parts and it will feature stories from the local community profiling some of the people who continue to impact the band members lives and music. 

Dave will once again be at Farm Aid on September 17, with Willie, Neil, John. Also scheduled to appear will be Alabama Shakes, Jamey Johnson and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats just to name a few.  

Will there be a Caravan in 2017? Will there be a Dave and Tim acoustic tour? Will there be a Dave solo album? What would you like to see? And where? Many questions and many opinions will give us something to talk about during the year ahead. There will be rumors and speculation and leaks as to what may be awaiting us. The fan pages and DBTP.org will stay on top of it all. 

But for now, we have 7 more shows. We have more shows fly to, more campgrounds to inhabit. We have friends to meet up with and carpools to coordinate! We will p eriscope for those who are at home  and look forward to heaven's amphitheater at the Gorge . Which we all know will be magnificent , as always. To those who will be catching any of these upcoming shows, seize the moment. To those who are done for this year, savor the memories. 

Hold on tight to what you think is your thing... And make the best of what's around. 

I DID IT (we did it)!


It was time. Dbtp needed a face-lift. We have been around now for many years with Chris Urzi at the reigns. He has worked non stop to keep the site up for the fans and intends to keep it going for many more. 

Dbtp asked fans to help us design our updated look. Thank you to those who submitted their ideas.

After reviewing them all, we went with an unconventional choice. However, when it was all said and done we realized that this entire process encompassed the exact spirit of the fans of Dave Matthews Band.

This artwork included the same color scheme the tour announcement had this year - that's what caught our eye at first. It is an original piece by an artist who paints what she hears. She listens to DMB and becomes inspired.

When we informed Elisa Hill, that her work was chosen she surprised us with a request. She asked that instead of giving her the $100 Warehouse gift we promised , she asked if we could donate the money to a charity called FEED My STARVING CHILDREN. https://www.fmsc.org/

This giving act is exactly what we have taken away as fans of this band! Dave Matthews Band contributes to charities all over the world and now we have followed suit.

What began as a way to spruce up our web page turned into feeding the hungry. We are proud of the new look and to be able to help those in need during the process has been an added bonus!


From a crowd 10,000 Wide- an open letter

Dear Members of DMB,  

photo by Jeff Coffin at Alpine Valley

photo by Jeff Coffin at Alpine Valley

As you are well aware, your fan base is huge and very diverse. There are some fans who can boast that they were around during the college, cassette taper days, spreading the word about this new band and it's amazing talent. There are some who jumped on the wagon years later and have crossed the country to listen and be moved by the atmosphere each venue holds. And still there are others who can only participate in one show a year, at the venue closest to their home town, but who wouldn't miss it for the world! 25 years on the road, in the studio, writing music that moves us, touches us all in different ways is quite an accomplishment and your fans are forever grateful. 

Over the past few months, we have had to say good bye to some huge music icons. We have heard and witnessed the outpouring of love and respect that others in the industry, as well as fans from around the world, have expressed in losing these talented musicians. But just like when one loses a family member, wishes of "if only" or "just once more" are heard by many. The media dives into the history of how the artist got his start, who influenced them and the artists of today that they have influenced, and even how they live thier lives when off stage. Stories are uncovered about thier philanthropy, the impact they have had around the world and how loyal their fan base has become over the years. We see hundreds of people paying homage by camping out in front of the homes of these musicians, singing songs they made famous, holding candles and reminiscing about what impact the music has had in their lives. 

In the case of your fanbase, it may be a bit different.

One message that rings loud and clear in Dave Matthews Band is how important it is to live today to its fullest. To appreciate and grab onto the things we love, and to seize the day like there is no tomorrow. Your fans know this and aspire to live this way each and every day. Your fans wouldn't need the media to tell us how this band started out, we were part of it! Your fans wouldn't need to dive in to see how you live when off stage, you live among us. Walking the same streets, visiting the same neighborhood parks, restaurants and bars. Your fans already know how you give back to the world through your charitable works and organizations. The fans of this band, Dave Matthews Band, are fully invested. No matter if they have traveled the world or drove ten miles from home to hear and be part of their celebration of life.

So, a you begin your 25th tour season, we want you to be aware of how we are all one family. A family that comes together to sieze each moment, to be moved by your music, and to celebrate each other and with hope that these days will continue. After all, ya just never know. 

With love and gratitude, 

your fans.

Design our new logo

This year is dontburnthepig.org's 10 year anniversary and we are redesigning the website. This will be a year long project with our official launch hopefully sometime in the summer! 

Part of the new layout will include our logo. We are reaching out to our fans, to look for creative minds to help us come up with a new killer logo for dbtp. The logo may be used on our site officially with the new launch and that person will receive $100 gift card to the DMB store along with some other goodies from the 2016 tour. 

This is not a contest, but we hope to get some good creative input from fans as we are really looking forward to some big changes moving forward in our 10th year! 

Some guidelines for entering a logo for dontburnthepig.org

1. You may not use any copyrighted images. IE: firedancer, etc. 

2. Original photography, artwork, etc., is encouraged and our pig logo and name is okay to use as well. 

3. By entering a logo you are giving dbtp.org permission to use your, photo, image, graphic, on our website and may use it and may remove it as we see fit.

4. We will accept entries until May 31st, 2016.

5. You may enter more than once. 

Max size for the logo is 1920 × 850 pixels: (you many use the attached template as a reference)

right click and save as..to download

right click and save as..to download


To Be Sure These Days Continue


Another season has come and gone. Goodbye to winter and hello spring! With warmer weather approaching it brings with it the sweet breath of another season of touring. In a little more than a month Dave Matthews Band returns to the fans who are desperately awaiting. Originally thought to begin May 11, 2016, the band recently announced, with an encrypted video, the tour will begin earlier. May 7, 2016, in a hometown Benefit concert, DMB will be donating all net proceeds to Bama Works Fund  in appreciation for 25 years of support from their hometown of Charlottesville ,VA.

The 25th anniversary of their first performance was 3-14-16. It was a benefit concert for the Middle East Children's Alliance and as luck would have it, Stefan released a recording of "Recently" from a cassette of that evening. 




It's hard to believe that DMB has been touring non stop for the past 25 years gathering friends and turning us into a family like no other. By now, many have made plans for the tour and are counting the days down until they can reunite with the band and touch base with friends from the years gone by. 

Dave Matthews Band has always been right at the forefront of social awareness over the years. They have, either as a group or individually contributed to many charities, have been involved in environmental concerns, raising awareness to farmers through FarmAid, and even been known to become supporters of politicians during presidential campaigns. With such diversity in the band, it is not surprising that the best interests of our country and its people have been on the surface of DMB and to Dave especially. He has written songs about global warming, given speeches at the Naturalization Ceremony in Monticello a few years ago and given his endorsement to Presidential candidates. 

This band is much, much more than music. Of course the music and its lyrics speak to the fans on a level that at times has no words to describe. It elevates us and brings about feelings that grab us by the throat and even punches us in the gut. But this band has been, over the years, nudging us, ever so slightly, to believe that as a group, we can bring about change in the world. Just ask a farmer who has benefited from the help of FarmAid. Or the charity that brought about awareness to Progeria, an aging disease that afflicted a fan. Or to the International Rhino Foundation that is fighting against poaching of 5 species that are facing extinction, just to name a few. 

The members of this band continually spread a message of LoVe. They raise awareness, and lift the spirits of many. We have been bound for 25 years together - for the LoVE  - for the music - and for opening up our eyes to the needs of other people, other animals that walk beside us. No matter how we may all feel about the issues of today we all can agree that LoVE for each other, for the animals, and for the planet are as basic as it gets and with the music of DMB as our soundtrack we are closer to a better tomorrow and another 25 years of dancin'! 

Hello Again

The wait was excruciating! Everyday the rumors were being thrown around as to why the summer tour dates were being held up! They were announced much earlier last year, and the year before that, we already had discussed, booked and all planning was decided on by now! The every day waiting, the constant checking on the Warehouse website , the annoyance of the numerous questions as to what the hold up could possibly be. Some made up trivia games to pass the time, others created memes describing how the wait was affecting the fans.

But as we have come to aspect , the poetry of this band and its management ended our wait by giving us the Summer Tour Dates for DMB's 25th anniversary year on the 25th of Janurary. A collective sigh could be heard! And then, as we read, an audible groan could be heard from miles around. "No tour in 2017," What? And together, we reread the announcement! 

As we waited with anticipation, we were relieved and then smacked with the reality that next summer will be quiet. There will always be hope of a Caravan that summer, or maybe even Dave and Tim will surprise us. But there will be no SPAC, no Alpine, no Gorge in 2017.  


Maybe they will be working on new material, playing parts in movies, or maybe their families need to reconnect. The past 25 summers were a gift for us and we all know they probably really need this time off. Our selfishness is palpable. So this summer, let's appreciate Boyd, Carter, Stefan, Jeff, Rashawn, Tim and Dave. Let's have a great summer. We must make memories that will carry us through for an extra year! We can do it! Even though we will be kicking and screaming the whole time!  


This LoVE Will Open Our World


The year is coming to a close. 2015 has given us so much to look back on.  

We have had a summer tour that brought with it some new songs, a weekend in Alpine with a record set for the longest show, periscoping, a live telecast in Jacksonville, a special appearance to bid David Letterman ado. We had Dave and Rashawn appear on a special telecast for cancer awareness, a promise of visits to the studio for new tunes, Farmaid, a movie in Dave's future, and the boys traveled far and wide to meet with fans all around the world.

What a year!  

The most recent announcement that the band will be kicking off Super Bowl weekend in San Fransisco is pushing us ahead to start looking towards the next year. How many are beginning to look at the calander for 2016 wondering where they will be and on what dates? Money is being stuffed into jars on the shelf to get us to the destinations we have on our bucket lists. Maybe we will only be able to go to our home venue but the anticipation is still very real. 

We are a very lucky fan base. DMB puts out so much for us through out the year. It doesn't appear as though they are slowing down and we are a grateful bunch. Our need to gather, party, sing and dance with one another continues to pull us together and the tunes from DMB runs through our veins. It gives us a community with a common LoVE and mindset.  This band opens the world up to us through the interaction of fans both near and far and this coming year will be no different. 

So thank you, Dave, Carter, Stefan, Boyd ,Rashawn, Jeff, for the past year. For the music , the memories, the friends we have made along the way. Thank you for the lyrics that mean something different to each and everyone of us, as it should. Our life experiences pull out from the words what our souls need to power through.

This band is more than just the music... But we all knew that already! 



Good times are the gold


The international tour is now over. The band members are all back in the states. The work on a new album will now continue and a much needed rest for all involved in the tours has finally arrived. 

The 2015 tour, both the summer tour and the international tour was such an unbelievable show of commitment from the band, it's crew, their families and all who were a part of it. Our graditute to all of them is immeasurable. To all of the guess we were privileged to see along the way, all the hours of tearing down sets, keeping everyone fed, driving equipment from town to town, flying the band members back and forth ... We thank you. 

To the fans who treated us here and from afar with periscoping, to photographers and tapers and splitters and video experts - we were kept in the loop in our living room couches! What a year it has been! 

The winter is rapidly approaching. The darkness of the night falls upon us so quickly, and the coolness of the wind,  rips at our cheeks with force. Davepression has landed on our shoulders and doesn't appear to be leaving us soon.  There are whispers of a movie, and the promise of a new album that will help us make it through these upcoming months. There are plenty of shows to watch on YouTube and if communication is needed, fan pages are all over social media. 

The holidays are around the corner and with that brings about family times and cozy fires. Special meals and fancy drinks to ring in the new year. And not too long after that comes the announcement of other new summer tour dates.  The planning and excitement will begin all over again. 

Until then, stay safe, rest with loved ones close by, and LoVE one another.