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New album release date: June 2nd, 2009


UPDATE: In light of Dave's twitter post, just hours later dmband.com announced that the new album release date will be June 2nd, 2009, as well as Summer tour dates!

DMB's management has yet to announce any postponement of the new album which is set for an April 14th, 2009 release, however Dave Matthews himself twittered today that "the album will probably be a little late".

Surprised? Should you be? It is already the middle of February and there is virtually no information on the new album, aside from a "release date" which may end up being not. You would think there should at least be a single, track listing, or even a pre-order by now if there were going to stick to the April 14th deadline.

"A little late" could mean anything, but likely it will be a month or two, in time for the summer tour, which seems to be the most likely and reasonable scenario. But again, no "official" word yet.

Fans whom have been following Dave on Twitter know that they have been in the studio since January recording and finalizing the album.

The anticipation is building even more then ever, but "Good things come to those who wait".

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