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New DMB book "So Much To Say" available for Pre-order

Freelance writer, Nikki Van Noy has been working on a new Dave Matthews Band book and it is now available for pre-order on amazon.com. Previously named "Still Here Dancing" the book, now titled "So Much To Say: Twenty Years on the Road with Dave Matthews Band".

On her website dmbandus, she has been taking in all your views, thoughts and stories about DMB and fans experiences though out the past 20 years. The book will be focused on DMB entire career and the fans point of view though it all. All of us at dbtp.org have offered our DMB experiences as well, and are very exited about this book. "So Much To Say" is planned for a June 7th, 2011 release.

The Deed is Done

Dave Matthews Band, The Gorge, 2011