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2009 Warehouse Package Shipping Soon

The Warehouse announced the track list for the annual "free" package that all Warehouse members receive for being a part of the fan club.

This year marks Warehouse 5, Volume 9 CD for members that have been with the Warehouse for three years or less.

1. Eh Hee 10.01.2007 / Hollywood Bowl / Hollywood, CA
2. You Might Die Trying 08.15.2006 / Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre / Atlanta, GA
3. Gravedigger 08.20.2008 / Staples Center / Los Angeles, CA
4. Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd 09.13.2006 / Pepsi Center / Denver, CO
5. Say Goodbye 07.05.1997 / Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre / Irvine, CA

For the members that have been with the Warehouse for four years or longer will receive 3 additional tracks on the Warehouse 8, Volume 6 CD.

6. Stay (Wasting Time) 06.23.2004 / Germain Amphitheatre / Columbus, OH
7. Seven 09.06.2009 / Gorge Amphitheatre / George, WA
8. Time Bomb 09.06.2009 / Gorge Amphitheatre / George, WA

All Warehouse members will also receive an 8x10 black and white photograph from the 09 tour as well as a Big Whiskey magnet created by Athens, GA artist Dana Jo Cooley. The environmentally-friendly magnet design features Big Whiskey cover art, laser-cut Birch wood and local and recycled materials.

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