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Live Trax 18 announced as 06.04.96 in Virginia Beach


June 4th, 1996 has been announced as Live Trax: Volume 18. The show from Virginia Beach is the 5th official released from this year and features a very rare full-band performance of "Deed is Done".

This show was thier first back in the United States after a leg of shows in Europe in support of "Crash".

Pre-order your copy today, the Live Trax will be released on August 31st, 2010.

If your feeling lucky, ENTER HERE for a chance to win a FREE copy of Live Trax 18! (forum registration required)

Full Setlist

#41 »
Say Goodbye
Drive In Drive Out
Two Step »
Crash Into Me
Too Much
Deed Is Done »
So Much to Say
Cry Freedom
Jimi Thing »
Lie in Our Graves
Proudest Monkey »
The Song That Jane Likes
#36 »
Ants Marching
Dancing Nancies »
Warehouse »
All Along the Watchtower

Atypical Situation

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