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UPDATE: 03/25/11: This giveaway is now over! Thank you for entering in this contest! Look our for furture contests and giveaways

Congrats to our winners: addicted2dmb and ghostin007

Spring is creeping closer and as we continue to wait for more DMB festival news dbtp.org has been doing some spring cleaning.

Among other things we have a few items that we have lying around and would love to give away to fans!

The first item is a copy of "Live in New York" and yeah it's March, but we have an extra 2011 DMB Calendar with someone's name on it.

This will be a random drawing and to enter just post a comment below

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If you are having issues posting a comment, please contact us and let us know. Also please use the "like" feature and post this on your facebook or twitter page.

This new comment feature will soon be active for all previous and future articles..stay tuned

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