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Hello Again: Dave Matthews Band Tour 2012


UPDATE 07/17/12 - Part 5 added

UPDATE 07/07/12 - Part 4 added

The 2012 Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour kicks off tonight in Woodlands, TX. This is their first planned tour since 2010. Yes, there was DMB Caravan, but we wouldn't really call that a tour. We are talking about a full blown Summer tour and DMB is back and fans anticipation is running high. 

With the time off and knowledge of a new album coming in the near future, this tour is likely going to be nothing short of amazing. As we wait for the first song to kick off the tour, dmband.com is reflecting on what was an incredible 2010 tour. 

DMB posted Part 1 of a 5 part series taking a look back at the 2010 Summer Tour. Part 1 features JTR taken from the 2010 tour opener in Hartford, as well as some behind-the-scenes of the tour. The five part documentary was directed by Sam Erickson whom also worked on the Road to Big Whiskey documentary.

Be sure to check out @dbtp_org for 2012 DMB news and setlist updates!

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