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Away From The World Super Deluxe Details


Today dmband.com posted more details and pictures for the "Away From The World" Super Deluxe album, which will be released on September 11th. 

With the deluxe album featuring 3 of the new songs from the 2012 Summer tour, the super deluxe will come with those tracks along with a DVD Featuring 2012 Show Camera Footage, Behind the Scenes Photo Book, and 11 Lyric/Art Litho Cards.

The DVD will include 10 songs from the 2012 tour, which you will see the performance of "Pig" from Mansfield, MA on 06/05/12. We note this specifically because the track is listed as "Don't Burn The Pig", which, ironically we love to see!

The DVD track list is as follows:

Eh Hee – Noblesville, IN – 6.22.12

Don’t Burn The Pig – Mansfield, MA – 6.5.12

Say Goodbye – Saratoga Springs, NY – 6.8.12

Lie In Our Graves – Saratoga Smprings, NY – 6.8.12

What Would You Say – Saratoga Springs, NY – 6.8.12

Stay or Leave – Wantagh, NY – 6.12.12

Little Red Bird – Hartford, CT – 5.26.12

Blue Water > Best of What’s Around – E. Troy, MI – 7.6.12

Shotgun – Hershey, PA – 6.29.12

Don’t Drink The Water – Noblesville, IN – 6.22.12

The overall theme and style of the album and the 11 lyric/art litho cards will remind you of the Big Whiskey Box Set. Granted Dave Matthews did the artwork for both albums, but still kept a very similar marketing concept. 

Whether you like the artwork or not, what lies beneath the art is what fans are really waiting for, and the wait is almost over!

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