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Come Together...in 2015

Come Together...in 2015

2015 dontburnthepig.org donations

On February 1st, dontburnthepig.org has to pay partial server dues, specifically the fees that host all of our mp3's and other media. 

This website is supported by the fans. Your generosity and donations made to dbtp throughout the year is what helps pay for these fees. 

For 2015 it will cost approx. $500 to run dbtp.org. However all we need by February 1st to keep the MP3s running on the website is $150.

In the past with or without donations, I have been able to absorb some of the cost that is needed to run dontburnthepig.org; I no longer have the financial ability to do so. 

My hope is that the 25% of our daily visitors who download from our mp3 selection and everyone else who uses our site could help us out so we will not have to pull any content from the website. 

We have a lot of stuff that we would like to add and plan to work on for 2015 and a tour on the horizon with highlight we hope we are able to provide you. Thank You for your consideration and support through the past 9 years.

- Chris


Please consider a small donation and help dbtp.org through 2015 season.  

We need to reach a goal of at least $150 by January 31st so we can continue to host mp3's!    

Thank you graciously for your support to keep this site running for DMB fans!  - dbtp staff

dbtp will roll on...

2015 Goals & Lossless Shows

2015 Goals & Lossless Shows