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Crazy Easy (Lyrics)

Introduced in the 2004 Summer tour. There are many variation to these lyrics.



Instead I stop
and came out of that affair
I wonder still of it
Oh man that she became a game
wondering what you been
when you said one thing
then did another
oh yea
what you'd give to be me
or what I'll be here
but still the fact'd you do what you do
but please just stay away from me

I starve to cry, just a couple of times
And then I'm gonna get heavy on you
You said, "Oh this is the last night
last night I'm coming back with I swear"
Now I know what you did

You're crazy
Supposed to get by
I tell you you're crazy yea
Most dangerous soul alive

Oh mercy that you did
You come, oh, so like a train into me
Still on what do I think of you
I tell you I make nothing at all
so I hope is that you
yes you did, you got your time
and left me there standing
Do I look like a fool?
But do you?
So then you shed those tears
false as ever was this here
I will not swim in the river then

Did you know I'm crazy
Wants to get by
Tell you you're been crazy
If you think that'll fly

So about time that I said bye
Wanna give up all
You say, "we'll I'll take it back to the top"
But you say you want to start again
I say, "No way, no way"
But you convince me again
You get me back there

Oh, just one time
I'd like to be standing, staring at you
broke off from myself

You know crazy
wanting to get by
I tell you you're crazy
Wanting to live this lie...

I tell you you're crazy, babe
If you think that'll fly
I tell you you got to be crazy
If you think that'll fly
I'll try to be a child


oh, so i lay there
to the dream you had babe
i'll be waiting there
it's what you said but
now that i find so little i
it makes me wanna cut you down
where you stand
i'd give it all to you my friend
but find you're playing me like a fool
i had it all to you
so we go back
should we start again

oh, sweet dreams tired
looks who's high
won;t you won't you
think again
how could i
when i look into your eyes now
i don't see the love i see your lies

you've gone crazy
if you wanna live lies
you think that i'm crazy
well that's not gonna fly

so hey, hold on
maybe i'll come back
but there are things
that i got to do
and none of them include you at all
i remember i remember good times
yeah, before the dream came down
like a tunnel mixed underground
before the dream we had...
hit me like a freight train
left me here lying dead

how could you save this lie
now you know i'm not crazy
now you know i'm not gonna fly

don't stand there walk and crying
your lyings tears
let them float above
could you give this sweet girl
could you give this to me sweet girl
can we go back to the top
and you think i'm crazy

one last time
one more chance
you think we can go ahead

won't you get by
you think that it's that easy
just to get by
oh, you think that i'm crazy
bye bye
you think that i'm crazy
i'm gonna let this fly


Oh say, say it isn't so
well i woke up dreaming
please tell me what i see
headlines tv
it was happenin for real

but ya
there's got to be no sight
so i can hide keep my mind blind
well, it's happenin here or there
take it right to the top again
over there

oh you said i can't lie
cause you would fly
(do the best?)
well oh well..oh when i stare into your eyes
as the words fall out your mouth
i know their too heavy

crazy if you think that's gonna fly
you got to be crazy
if you think that shit's gonna fly

just think
maybe you and i could love to below you
and you could care less
that was failing
and just think as i can
all that woman there was yours
how you'd feel soft and bleeding
oh, i'm not afraid to tell you this
cause i am blind with rage
now no, i'm not afraid
well still i fear, do you think i could be dreaming this crazyness

crazy, if you think that's gonna fly
you got to be crazy
if you think this shit's gonna fly

just come
cause you did what you did
cause you thought that it was what you should
if someone else was watching you
well i'd tell you
let me take you back to the top
and start all over again
and try explaining to you real fair

just one more just one more you know
love is all, love is all
that could save us

it's crazy, if you think that's gonna fly
you got to be crazy, to believe this lie
i tell you got to be crazy
if you think that'll fly
only this goin' crazy
well maybe so am i


oh could you back
come and remember when
all ya did was laugh
all we did was rolling by
like a train
but oh, that wasn't the deed we left
as if we had it all
and start
i see you still the same as I
found more...

hold on little thing
back to the top
let's start into the window
to your heart
babe, now that i got i swear that
i'd have to fight them off
if they'd want to see you rained on

wasn't even right
oh i got to be crazy
that i dont see the right

oh but babe, love
when the air, the stars
and we danced all night
and no, our love has starved a fire
would leave me crying stumbled
oh no there's still the best of
oh no the bitterness that
god, it forever hardened you
but, one only made up
i guess she would let it fly

now am i crazy
to want to make you mine
you think i got to be crazy
to want to make you mine
so alive

good time, why i ever had
million time as the best that you give me
it's the best that you do
you don't even try to make me fly
with the sound of a glass and a smile
only good for so lying

one last verse to go
i lost but i now found
sometimes you fall and you go running

sometimes we lie...
you got to be crazy
for wanting to fly
i tell you got to be crazy
i wanna make you mine
you got to be crazy
if ya think that'll fly
i made you run away


oh said you
it came out there
to find me stumbling along
oh and i was afriad
i was afraid
when the first time you made me bawl
but eh, the things since you have gone great
but i can't seem to find my way
so oh, everything since you seem to be great
but i feel crazy[...]

oh i lied you laughed at me
made me feel as small as I ever did
and i like nobody but you
tell me what you think
you know it's wrong

see I've gotta be crazy
the way you make me fly
still you don't make it easy
for me to pass by

oh come again, little bit
little tongue
oh i swear
I, i got your best and
nothing ever again
i would do to offend you
no i'd rather carry a stain, love
stay, i take my own way
i'd smile and catch the bullet from your lip
i swear that I should lie by your side
and let the train roll me down

you got to be crazy
just the look in your eyes
still it's not easy
knowin' you around

so one last to the top
if we could start it all over again
i wouldn't change a thing no
maybe this, maybe just make the days
twice as long, make the weeks twice as long
I would play you up

oh the [? same ?] lie
i know that i'm crazy
[? gonna / can i / go now ?] get back and drive
gonna be crazy
oh let let it fly
i've never been crazy, baby
i feel on the time/fly, in the right
talk the lie
gonna fade, come back
come back


oh why do you cry
when everything is fine
it's better than it's ever been
oh well that depends on what you see, ya know
fallin down in the wind of love
you look so good to me, oh no
but everyone one that spins is told
how/when all the innocent will fall
I say i swear no no
oh they don't care
if that's where we want/won this

oh look at that kid
crying at his mother's grave
well look at that mother cry, baby's dead
and look at all the rained on
for their fighting/frightening not so well
if what you come and do there

think that'll fly
swear you got to be crazy, oh
if you think you're so right

oh, fall asleep, if all is good
love is falling on the lovers arms
but i pay, i know, to see you
why don't we two do
sit down talk quiet
a minute me and you
but do you think there's something wrong in the world
that don't do a thing if you think about it
and you're told hard, take care of your own yard
and the thing will spread, (you'll/fools) lose it

love'll spread like fire
ya you got to be crazy
ya know, love will spread like fire

just solve the killing thing that you did
you solve by chemical, try the meth
"it'll make your day better, yet"
that doesn't do a thing
well don't bring it to me
selling don't make a thing
(cause you'll have) a long death
we've got to run safely
all around here

so one thing i'll say to you
it's gonna be ok, it's ok
it's gonna be fine
just like to find out

we've all gone crazy
love has spread like fire
you don't have to be crazy
knowin' love has spread like fire
oh, it's all crazy
love will make you die
then you gonna have to be crazy
knowin' love will spread like fire
so give it now


Oh sweet stormy
The way you fade
I look at you
and I know like no one else
When you're bright or when you're blue
And I stay wanna see for sure
You come for getting this ride

And oh oh oh
How I wish I could
But I wont
turn back and start it all again

Oooh no (?)
When I see you're a weakling
You say "why?"
Well nobody could know
Nobody can fix it up
I swear in a light
You smile

You're crazy
The love will get you by
You're not crazy
We all need love once in a while

Could I been
What I want
What I fish(?)
Settle down in this drawer
It's the damndest thing
Don't you think?
I would try to be
The burdens that we can't stop
We load them up on our backs
And think we gotta get 'em right

Oh oh oh
I swear the money won't make you right
In fact I swear it'll make you (?)
Oh oh oh
I swear you this
You'll be alright
And every once in a while you can laugh out loud

Oh you're crazy
Let love get you by
Tell you it's not crazy
Love will let you fly

Just in time
Just in time
Just in time

Hey I love you
Girl I stand up, could you stand up
Oh to the (?)
And you and me again

Go ahead, ahead
Oh can I live without storm and rain

I'm crazy
Wanna get by
No it's not crazy
Love will get by
Swear I'm not crazy
Love will spread like a fire
No it's not crazy crazy
Love will spread like a wildfire
Like a wildfire
We'll find out


Oh say you pretty thing
What I felt
Won't you get your wicked spell is sweet
But what of your tears
And oh, hey, hey that you could save the world
The world's got her own thing goin' on
There's no way you could save the world
But a swear to me, you could surely save me baby

So in the first, the first minute
Oh I swear my, my head emptied like a spilled bucket
Baby, oh, oh, oh, hey, your air on to me heavy

Watchin' you walk by
You know makin' me crazy
I don't know why

Oh you make me
You make me trip and stumble I fell
And baby now you make me st-st-stumble talk
Jumble up the words were gone
I swear that I was practicing all night long
But nothing came to me baby
Nothing works for me babe
Nothing felt right
Except you standing there, standing there
Nothing came to me babe
Nothing felt right to me baby
Except for you standing there, staring at me

Just like I was crazy
You make me feel right
Look at me like I was crazy
Make me feel right

Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, oh
Gotta been, gotta been that
Someone slipped me a mickey in my drink
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
I want more, I'd start it all over again, yeah

I love you, yes I do
I love you, yes I do
It may sound strange but what's your name

Way you make me high
You know you make me crazy
The way you look up to the sky
The words I hope, crazy, I am
Baby you make me crazy
Whenever I'm by


You stare,
Well I got your way
Must say I'm feeling fine
That you've decided that
It's okay for you to stay with me
And get by
So, oh, the way ya do me right
You make me stoned and [? agree with all ?]
And I would dig a hole
To the other side of the world
Just to stay in your life, baby

Mmmm, when you laugh and you laugh
You sway
It fills me up till I
Fell I'm going to bust
All I can say is
On the day that you came
I swear was from a dream

I'm crazy
Now that you're right
You got me crazy
Whenever you walk by

What's happening with the time
Oh I could crawl out of my own skin
If you ask me for it
I would love it
And I would pour the moon from the sky
If that was what was on your mind
I would love and roll up at the storm and fire
If it'll make you feel right
And I would dig a hole straight to the
Other side of the world if you would ask me
And give me a smile

I'm crazy
Since you get right
Know you got me crazy
Whenever you walk by

Gotta laugh, I gotta laugh
I swear I never would'a dreamed
That it could be so good
With you, it's understood
It's always gonna be this good, yea.

Be this good, Aye

Then again
Then again
Then again
Then again
You got me raving
You're crazy
[? Don't apologize ?]
Yea, you know you're crazy
Whenever you walk by
You know you make me crazy
Whenever you walk by
I am crazy, crazy, crazy,
Baby whenever you walk by
[? Love to dance ?]

07/23/13 - first time played since 09/08/04

When I first saw your face, love stuck kid 
the clown that fell got up again 
it's a beggar's tool, it's just a circus trick 
'cause I made you look, I made you my fix 
now you can't fix me, it's too late for that 
baby, I've seen you smile, and you can't take it back, no 

When I look at you, and you look away 
I don't know what to do, baby, I don't know what to say 
I can't get through to you, babe, it's like the ground shakes 
it's like the cracks in the walls and the earth begins to quake 

I'm crazy, trying to make you mine 
I'm going crazy, trying to make you mine 

And you're a good friend, a good laugh 
after a hard day's end can have your back 
but I found the one that I can't do without 
from a first taste, no doubt, it's got to be you, babe 
the sweetest moment of that perfect date 
when you said okay, I'm never gonna get another you, babe 
you can't fix me, no, it's too late for that 
'cause I've seen you smile, and you can't take it back 

You know, I'm crazy, trying to make you mine 
oh, you make me crazy, baby, just trying to make you mine 

You can't fix me, it's too late for that 
I've seen you smile, baby, now you can't take it back 

Oh, I'm crazy, trying to make you mine 
oh, you know, it's crazy, just trying to get by 
you know, it's crazy, just trying to get by 

you know, it's crazy, baby, trying to make you mine

Named as "New Song #1" during the 2004 Summer Tour

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