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Dreamed I Killed God (Lyrics)

This powerful segue was only featured in the Winter 1997 Dave and Tim tour, usually segueing into Typical Situation. Since the passion in the song was unsurpassed and the profound lyrics were evolving, it enjoyed much scrutiny by fans.



wandering in my mind
for my crazy crazy
embrace me
oh god forgive us
now i'm torturing others
old man you always
found grace

i'm falling from graces
to a black black black black river
falling from graces
black black black black river
falling from graces
into black black rivers

grace is my road
rain in my road
i've got this road
so come and grow
and i know i save
i'll save my soul


and then they smell like God
and then they smell like God
and then they smell like God
watch him
oh and don't leave God out

i dreamed i killed God and woke up
i dreamed i killed love and woke up
waiting and raging
angels came crying

i dreamed i killed life and woke up
and i dreamed i killed God and woke up
oh and leave me here
no mama really in my head

will you please say we go
God's work is done
as we try our best to control it
roll it roll it
when you thought you best
best wait oh no no no no
i will wait oh by again

oh let words get me out
worse to God is i keep on (?)
worse to God i'm killing god
worse to God won't keep on time
worse to God won't keep on time
worse to God i won't keep it

hey hold
wait we're done
dream has come open


Dreamed I killed God,
And woke up.

Dreamed I killed Love,
And woke up.

He was begging,
Please, please, please,
No, don’t...

I dreamed I killed God,
And woke up.

Remembering/We were wondering
Afraid if we die

Time dries,
Time dries my mind.

Oh I will say Good Night,
No one can see,
There's/For some reason,
Talk, talk, just talk to my soul, talk to...

Soon we'll leave you to lie,
To die behind,
My heart/I will lead you,
Leave you to lie...

Oh I want you to follow,
Yes, follow,
It’s only been,
It’s only a dream,
It’s only...

Dreamed I killed God,
And I woke up.

He was lying,
Wishing she was,
She was young...

In heaven,
When I love,
When you die,
When you die...

When you love him,
It’s passing,
It’s passing,

Afraid, afraid,
Of whom do I have to (...) hide?

Dreamed I killed God,
Dreamed I killed God,
Dreamed I...

Is he dead now?

And remember 1970,
When they said he was,
He was, he was,
He was dead...

It couldn’t have been
I dreamt of him...


Dreamed I killed God, and woke up
he lay under me, form of a man
pleading, "Please, please, please"
crying, "Please, please, please stop"

I dreamed I killed love, and I woke up

But again dries deep in
tempting dry out of my mind, well
me, I don’t have time
no way for you to give you back

The weight of life
come back, I want, I want you to be
yea, yea, mine, I will

Dreamed I killed God
dying, lying, lying, bleeding
and I Dreamed I killed Love
it’s OK as long as it hides
hides behind my face when I wake up

I dreamed that I...

There’s no stopping,
no stopping, me I'm dying

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