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Hold Me Down (Lyrics)

This song was only played a few times in 1995 and once in 1996, which later evolved in the song "Cigarette Lit"


Hold Me Up

So I can see you
Hold me down
If running's what's got into me
What cries my name
I won't set you away
Oh I'm older
Still the years give
And I'll walk into the big line
And I'll hold me
And soon I'm in the big door
And your deceit is growing big (?!?)

Oh, I know
That you rather be somewhere else
But I'm not here all alone
Trying to wish you so

Hold Me Down
If I've got the fear
Hold Me up
If running's what's gotten into me
Cause cry as I may
These tears won't wash you away
Though I'm older
I cry like a baby everyday

Then I come into the big line
Let it all go out in the wee hours of the morn'
I'm coming back a chased time (?)
And the fool will leap to bed (?)

Cry as I may
These tears won't wash you away

Then I'm --
And I'm all facing at an empty room again
No one's coming to the *something*
I feel the *something* is rising
Oh, *something*

Cry as I may
These tears won't wash you away.

Other Working Title: Hold Me Up

Evolved Into: Cigarette Lit

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