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#34 made a brief span of appearances in early 1993. It was inspired by and written for Miguel Valdez, a percussionist who sat in with the band in 1992 and who passed away in early 1993. It was finally released in 1994 on "Under the Table and Dreaming" (track #34) as an instrumental track. It is also co-written by Haines Fullerton, an early collaborator who took his own life in September 1996. The song made a surprising comeback on July 9th, 2005 after a few teases earlier in the tour. This is currently the longest comeback in DMB history, at 4491 days between performances, or a little over 12 years. It was played again with some lyrics (for the first time since 1993) on October 2nd, 2007 to celebrate Dave's wife's 34th birthday.



(1993-02-17) (13.8M) - First time Played

(1993-03-02)  (15.9M)

(1993-03-03)  (16.1M)

(1993-03-06)  (17.8M)

(1993-03-07)  (17.8M) - with Darrell Ross on percussion, Houson Ross on Bass and Tim Reynolds on guitar

(1993-03-09)  (22.3M) - dedicated to Miguel Valdez

(1993-03-10)  (18.2M) - dedicated to the memory of Miguel Valdez

(1993-03-17)  (16.5M) - Doug Wanamaker on Keyboards

(1993-03-23)  (20.9M)

(1997-02-23) (soundcheck) (dave & tim) (3M)

(2005-07-09)  (13.4M)

(2005-07-14)  (12.3M)

(2005-07-17)  (14M)

(2005-07-24)  (12.9M)

(2005-07-31)  (11.7M)

(2005-08-13)  (12.7M)

(2005-08-20)  (12M)

(2005-09-10) (12.5M)

(2007-10-02) (13M) - dedicated to Dave's wife for her 34th birthday. Includes a few lines of lyrics. "Still baby I love you more than anything I love you more than anything I love you"

(2013-06-07)  (1.2M) - (tease) Dave played the riff a couple times

(2013-06-28) (2.5M) - (partial)  dedicated to LeRoi Moore; extremely minimal Carter accompaniment

(2013-08-31) (10.2M) - first time played full band since 10/02/07

(2013-09-07) (9.1M) 


#27 (mp3)

#36 (mp3)