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(2006-06-23) (4.5M)

(2006-06-24) (6M)

(2006-06-27) (5M)

(2006-06-28) (5M)

(2006-07-01) (7M)

(2006-07-04) (6.6M)

(2006-07-05) (6.9M)

(2006-09-08) (9.7M)

(2006-09-09) (8.9M)

(2007-02-24) (dave Solo) (3.1M) - played on baritone electric guitar; selected for Europe 07 disc (4-track and 8-track versions)

(2007-02-26) (dave solo) (7M)

(2008-06-14) (11.3M)

(2010-06-05) (11.8M)

(2012-05-28) with Stanley Jordan (14M)

(2012-06-08) with Eric Krasno (13.8M) - with with James Casey (saxophone), Ryan Zoidis (saxophone) & Eric Bloom (trumpet)

(2012-06-17) with Gary Clark Jr. (11.2M) - Gary Clark Jr. on electric guitar; first time he has guested

(2012-07-21) with Roger Smith & Tower of Power Horns.mp3 (15M)

(2013-05-26) (16.5M) - with Ben Ellman on Saxophone and Corey Henry on Trombone

(2014-07-05) (9.8M) - with the Lovely Ladies

Can't Find My Way Home (mp3)

Can't You Hear Me Knocking (mp3)