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Originally setlisted by those that run the official sites as "Ayhee," the name was updated when the tracklisting for the Dave and Tim live release came out.

(2006-02-05) (Majesty) (10M) - Dave & Friends

(2006-02-05) (Sovereian) (6M) - Dave & Friends; First time played

(2006-05-12) (dave solo) (5.7M) - first time played by Dave solo

(2007-04-22) (9.2M) - first time played Dave & Tim; Originally titled as "Ayhee"

(2007-08-18) (7M) - first time played full band

(2007-08-22) (5.4M)

(2007-08-25) with Questlove on drums (8.2M)

(2007-08-26) with The Roots (8M) - Black Thought, Butch, Captain Kirk,Damon Bryson, Lamont Caldwell, Matt Cappy,Rashawn; "I Will Not Apologize" intro; "The Show" interpolation

(2007-09-12) (8.8M)

(2007-09-28) (9.7M)

(2008-04-11) (dave & tim) (5.7M)

(2008-06-18) (8.3M)

(2008-06-20) (10.8M)

(2012-05-22) (9M) - new intro with Dave playing non-Eh Hee chords over Carter


Drunken Soldier (mp3)

Eleanor (mp3)