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This Daniel LaNois cover made its full-band debut in the summer of 1997 as feature cover song during the tour. It was again played sparsely in 1998 and 1999 with only one appearance in 2000. The song returned again in 2002 as a Dave solo feature. 

(1997-06-03)  (4.8M) - first time played

(1997-06-05) (11.8M)

(1997-06-06) (11.3M)

(1997-06-07) (11.6M)

(1997-06-10) (10.5M)

(1997-06-11) (12.3M)

(1997-06-23) (12M)

(1997-07-01) (9.7M)

(1997-07-03) (11M)

(1997-07-07) with David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin (7.8M)

(1997-07-10) with David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin  (12.2M)

(1998-06-07) (9.7M)

(1998-07-25) with Greg Howard (15M)

(1998-08-14) with Mitch Rutman (15.9M)

(1998-10-26) with Greg Howard (10.4M) - Tim Reynolds on guitar

(1998-11-09) (12.8M) - Tim Reynolds on guitar

(1999-02-10) (dave & tim) (8.7M) - first time Dave and Tim

(1999-02-23) (dave & tim) (9.2M)

(1999-03-02) (dave & tim) (8.7M)

(1999-03-13) (dave & tim) (10.6M)

(1999-06-15) (13.5M)

(1999-06-24) (11M)

(1999-08-07) with Mitch Rutman (15.7M)

(2002-05-12) (dave solo) (9.3M) - first time played as a Dave solo

(2002-05-13) (dave solo) (6.7M)

(2002-05-18) (dave solo) (7.9M)

(2003-03-31) (dave & tim) (9.8M)

Friend of the Devil (mp3)

Funny The Way It Is (mp3)