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Gas Into Fire (mp3)

This song originated as an interlude with lyrics played prior to 'What Would You Say' on 6.17.04. The riff was also teased several other times later on in the tour. It was originally mislabeled as "Cigarette Lit" before it was identified as a different song altogether. Eventually, it came to be identified as "Gas Into Fire," "Interlude," or "6/17/04 improv" by different sources in the fan community. The song was finally released on the Warehouse 5 vol. 11/Warehouse 8 vol. 8 disc under the title "Gas Into Fire."

(2004-06-17) (2.1M) - only known version with lyrics; selected for Warehouse 5 vol. 11

(2004-07-03) (tease) (144K) - identified by rif

Funny The Way It Is (mp3)

Gaucho (mp3)