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Good Good Time (mp3)

Initially titled "Thing" on the dmband.com setlist page during Bonnaroo 2004, later changed to "hmm? (new)" during the start of the Summer 2004 tour.

(2004-06-11) (dave & friends) (9.6M) - first time played; listed on the band's setlist page as "Thing"

(2004-06-18) (21M) - first time played by DMB

(2004-06-20) (17.3M)

(2004-06-24) (16.5M)

(2004-06-27) (14M)

(2004-07-02) (12.7M) - Dave references the death of Marlon Brando

(2004-07-06) (14.2M)

(2004-07-10) (17.9M)

(2004-07-13) (14.3M)

(2004-07-14) (14.2M)

(2004-07-17) (14.4M) - Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing" interpolation in the outro

(2004-07-20) (14.2M)

(2004-07-21) (15.3M) - first time played within an encore

(2004-07-26) (16.4M)

(2004-07-27) (14.9M)

(2004-07-31) (13.7M)

(2004-10-02) (18.5M)

(2010-07-13) (dave & tim) (5.6M) - played without a capo; very minor Tim accompaniment

(2010-07-30) (11M) - played without a capo

(2014-06-13) (7.5M) - acoustic; first time played since 07.30.10

(2014-06-14) (7.0M)

(2014-06-20) (8.1M)

(2014-07-25) (7.0M)


Glory, Glory (mp3)

Good Morning, Good Morning (mp3)