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Heartbeat Intro (mp3)

This jam takes its (unofficial) name from Carter's drumbeat, which resembles a heartbeat. It gradually replaced LeRoi's saxophone intro to Pantala Naga Pampa in 1998. The guitar part is based around PNP's chords.

(1998-10-30) with Greg Howard (7.2M)

(1998-11-05) with Tim Reynolds (8.4M)

(1999-05-26) with Karl Perazzo on percussion (10M) - Butch Taylor on Keyboards

(2000-08-27) (10.8M) - "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "All Things Considered" interpolations by LeRoi

(2000-09-02) (12.8M)

(2001-08-25) (6.4M)

(2002-04-10) (9M)

Heart of Gold (mp3)

Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors (mp3)