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(2005-04-30) (14.2M) - first time played; brief "Down By the Riverside" interpolation by LeRoi

(2005-05-09) (12.7M)

(2005-06-10) with Robert Randolph (16.6M) - includes Robert Randolph intro

(2005-06-23) (9M)

(2005-06-26) with Robert Randolph (25.1M) - dedicated to "Mighty Monster Batson"; selected for The Best of What's Around Vol. 1 live disc (incorrectly listed as Selma '05)

(2005-07-13) with Trey Anastasio (15M)

(2005-09-12) (8.4M) - with David CasT (tenor saxophone), Rashawn Ross (trumpet) and Robert Randolph (pedal steel guitar)

(2005-12-13) (13.7M)

(2005-12-15) (13.8M)

(2006-07-04) with John D'Earth (24.1M)

(2006-08-28) (17.2M)

(2006-09-23) with Robert Randolph (26M)

(2007-11-14) with Robert Randolph (21.6M) - Robert Randolph solo intro; time estimated due to cut in recording

(2013-06-26) (11.5M) 

Long Black Veil (mp3)

Love of My Life (mp3)