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Pay For What You Get (mp3)

(1992-12-23) (8.8M) - Should I Stay or Should I Go interpolation

(1992-12-29) (5.4M) - Norwegian Wood

(1993-02-04) (8.8M) - Angel From Montgomery

(1993-05-31) (6M) - Yellow Submarine interpolation

(1995-03-17) (12.3M)

(1997-01-30) (dave & tim) (7.5M)

(1999-02-07) Pay For What You Get (dave & tim) (14.8M) - (If I were crazy intro) similar sounding intro preceded "Crash Into Me" on 7.6.02; Message In a Bottle/Norwegian Wood outros

(2006-06-20) (10M) - Norwegian Wood interpolation

(2008-06-07) (11.8M) - truncated version

(2008-06-10) (11.6M) - Stefan plays double bass; selected for "Live Trax 2008" iTunes compilation

(2014-05-24) (8.1M) - acoustic

(2014-05-31) (8.4M) - acoustic

Pantala Naga Pampa (mp3)

People People (mp3)