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(1994-12-04) (tease) (1.7M) - first time played; instrumental only; first couple bars

(1994-12-16) (5.3M) - music and minor adlib only

(1994-12-29) (10.7M) - first official playing

(1995-08-15) (13M) - "Sunshine on My Shoulders" interpolation by Roi

(1995-10-04) (7.7M)

(1995-12-31) (12.3M)

(1997-02-03) (dave & tim) (9.8M)

(1999-07-09) (12M)

(2002-07-26) (6.3M)

(2003-04-01) (dave & tim) (9.7M)

(2006-05-30) (16.9M)

(2006-09-01) (10.8M) - Pure Imagination interpolation by LeRoi

(2008-06-13) (16.2M)

(2008-06-20) (19.7M)

(2008-06-24) (18.4M) - selected for "Live Trax 2008" iTunes compilation; "Mona Lisa" interpolation (Rashawn)

(2008-07-05) (10.5M)

(2012-07-06) with Stanley Jordan (13M)

Prelude to Grace (mp3)

Rain Down on Me aka (John the Revelator) (mp3)