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Sister (mp3)

Sister (1994 Version)

(1994-03-08) Sister (6.6M) - Seems to be a one-time song played on 3.8.94 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. Not the same song as the new 2006 version.

Sister (2006 Version)

Dave has said that this song is about his sister Jane, who helped him over a case of writer's block by telling him to to just write some lyrics.

(2006-05-12) (dave solo) (4.4M)

(2006-06-02) (dave solo) (5.3M)

(2006-06-03) (dave solo) (5.6M)

(2006-06-10) (dave solo) (4.5M)

(2007-03-10) (dave & tim) (7.4M)

(2007-05-01) (dave solo) (7.8M)

(2007-08-17) (8.3M) - with Butch, Carter, and Rashaw


Shotgun (mp3)

Sledgehammer (mp3)