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Still Water (mp3)

(2007-03-08) Still Water > Don't Drink the Water (dave & tim) (10.4M) - all but the last verse and chorus on "Still Water" and "This Land Is Your Land" interpolation; time starts with lyrics on "Don't Drink The Water"

(2007-05-01) (partial) (3.7M) - Dave singing over Boyd's Bartender intro

(2007-05-02) (partial) (4M) - first time played as an opener; first verse and chorus

(2007-05-05) with Xavier Rudd (6.8M) - Rudd plays didgeridoo; selected for Warehouse 8 Vol. 4 disc

(2007-05-27) (7.9M)

(2010-07-09) (9M) - begins with some picking that sounds similar to Grace Is Gone

Steady As We Go (mp3)

Stir it Up (mp3)