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Angel From Montgomery (mp3)

John Prine Cover - The band has been covering John Prine's Angel From Montgomery since the old days. Featuring Boyd on lead vocals and a classic violin solo. "Angel from Montgomery" originally appears on John Prine's 1971 eponymous album.

(1992-07-31) (4.4M) - Boyd and Dave Only

(1993-01-20) (10.8M)

(1993-04-02) (5.5M)

(1993-04-07) (8.7M)

(1993-05-04) with Shannon Worrell (10M) - Dave also played Angel From Montgomery with Boyd and Shannon Worrell to close the opening act's set.

(1994-02-21) (8.8M) - Dave & Tim

(2009-12-11) (12M) - Dave & Tim



Angel (mp3)

Ants Marching (mp3)