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Rye Whiskey (mp3)

This song is properly called "Jack of Diamonds," but Tex Ritter's early-1930s version, which is the earliest and most well-known recording, is called "Rye Whiskey."


(2009-04-28) (tease) (dave solo) (1.3M) - refrain and half of a verse, a cappella

(2009-04-29) (7M) - first time played in full

(2009-05-03) (dave solo) (8.6M) - first time played in full Dave solo

(2009-05-06) (dave solo) (7.5M) - first time played as an opener

(2010-06-16) (dave solo) (9.3M)

(2010-07-01) (dave solo) (9.9M)

(2014-06-21) (dave solo) (4.6M) - acoustic


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