2009.06.05 - Dave Matthews Interview with Matt Pinfield - 101.9 RXP

Matt and Leslie welcomed Dave Mathews to the 101.9 RXP studio. Dave was great and sat down with Matt and Leslie for quite awhile. Dave spoke about his new album, "Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King," losing his friend Leroi Moore, touring and his great Beacon Theatre show.

Dave Matthews talks in great detail about songs on the new album and the recording process.

2008.06.24 - Stefan Lessard - Cali Interview - New Album & World Tour - June 2008

Cali Interview with Stefan Lessard

Interview Topics Include: 

  • Yukon Kornelius
  • Playing Cover songs
  • The impact of Tim Reynolds on tour
  • Reason for Butch Taylor not touring with DMB
  • Progress of "New Songs" and the overall completion of the upcoming studio album
  • Back in the Studio in October
  • Touring South America in the fall and a possible future World Tour
  • Explanation of the fire at Stefan's house
  • IZStyle.com

2008.06.06 - Stefan Lessard Interview on 550 KTRS Talk Radio

Stefan Lessard Inteview with Mark Christopher on 550 KTRS

Interview Topics Include: 

  • Playing Busch Stadium
  • Joining DMB at a young age
  • Preparing for a live show
  • 2 hour soundchecks ??
  • What to do after the show...
  • Happy Birthday Stefan #34
  • How the band chooses the cover songs played during the tour and what songs to play
  • The sound and new music on the new album...
  • Putting their hearts into the new record..no time limit..
  • What does Stefan do for fun?
  • Other musical projects...Grand Canyon Adventure...Yukon Kornelius...

2007.11.20 - Stefan Lessard Interview on Sirius 17 - Jam On

Stefan Lessard Interview with Stef Scamardo on Sirius 17 - Jam On

Stefan talked about: Piedmont Park, DMB Charites, New IMAX Movie and a movie he will be working on in January, Work in the Studio and working on the new album, How #27 was named and the origin of other numbered songs and the Live Trax Series.

2006.05.10 - Dave Matthews Nancies UK Interview

Dave Matthews Nancies UK Interview

Dave Matthews talks about his European solo tour and why DMB has not toured Europe in recent years. His take on the fans in Europe, the political spin on the new album "Stand Up", the effects of Katrina. Dave's thoughts on working with Mark Batson, and his plans formore solo work. The return of #34 and JTR.