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Solo Dave Matthews

June 1st, 2006

Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Dave Matthews recently recorded new material at Robert Lang Studios (Seattle, www.robertlangstudios.com) with producer John Alagia (who called the studio “an incredible-sounding room”), chief engineer Justin Armstrong and second engineer Austin Sousa.

Work was completed on the studio's 48-channel SSL 4000 G Series board with Total Recall, which offers E Series EQ, G+ computer, 24 mic pre's, updated center section and all-new capacitors; a 12-channel API sidecar with 550A EQs was also used. Monitoring was via soffited Westlake, dual 15-inch JBLs with TAD horns and drivers, two McIntosh 2300 power amps, a Genelec 1032 and a Yamaha NS10M Studio.

Matthews' vocal mic was a Neumann Tube U47 through an API mic pre and LA-2 compressor. Drums were miked with Electro-Voice 868 (kick), SM57 (snare), KM84 (hi-hat) and M49 (room).

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