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Kelly Shikany

Twitter: @Kshikany

How long have you been a DMB fan?: July 2001 after the Chicago Soldier Fields show

What is your favorite DMB song?: I'll back you up, means a lot and speaks to the type of friend I am.

Mercy is a hopeful song that is wishful for the world

Say goodbye, is my devilish side !!!

How many concerts have you attended?: I really don't know exactly, but I think I am closing in on 10? Which in this community is child's play. This summer I am going to 5! So the fever for the band just intensifies!

What does the music mean to you?: Community. Friends. Family. When I hear a song play by this band, it is like a friend is singing, not some far off group I don't know.

Any special moments you would like to share?: I have "met" people through this affiliation that I helped on matters unrelated to music. But it was the music that brought on the initial connection. And that is the point. We are all different. We come together because of a shared love. We need to appreciate our differences but focus on the similar love


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Greg Bush