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Kary Smith

Twitter: @karysmith

How long have you been a DMB fan?: 20 years

What is your favorite DMB song?: Satellite, Two Step, Seek Up, Say Goodbye, Crush, The Stone,Pig, Grey Street, Grace is Gone, Grave Digger, Bartender, Baby Blue, Loving Wings, Funny the Way it Is, #41, Granny, Long Black Veil, Belly Belly Nice...

How many concerts have you attended?: 8

What does the music mean to you?: Speechless... There are no words. I would need music to explain. Transendental. " Lift me up, love, every day..."

Any special moments you would like to share?: Jazzfest. NOLA 2006. Rain was moving in during encore & just as Dave sang "Let the rain pour down on me." it began to rain for a minute and then there was a huge rainbow behind the stage. Again, speechless. This was also the first show for my dearest friend, Tiffany. She became a fan that night.


Michele Adamczyk-Garcia

Michelle Unser