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Candace Nichol

Twitter: @candacenichol

How long have you been a DMB fan?: Do I have to subtract from my age.....Not so good at math anymore that reveals my birth age...ha ha...lets just say 19 years!

What is your favorite DMB song?: That is an impossible question to answer!

How many concerts have you attended?: If you count all the live cd's I have and listen too, and the times I tried to get tickets and could not it would add up to over 500! Ha

What does the music mean to you?: The bands music instantly brings joy to my day....kind of lights up my soul........I asked for a vintage record player recently thinking if the power went out I could wind up the player so I could still listen , but they were to expensive and the friend got me a record player that plugs in....still a nice gift!

Any special moments you would like to share?: My sister just got married and the band played DMB cover to their first dance...pretty sweet I though, am hoping my special moments are still to come seeming I just moved right outside Dave Matthews country in Barboursville.....Going to Blenheim tom....once again tickets sold out at Monticello to hear him speak on the 4th...Im always the one missing the bus when it comes to Dave:) My future goals will be to get to the bus on time!!!!!!

Sean Flanagan

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