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Dan Simon

Twitter: @dsimon21

How long have you been a DMB fan?: Since 2007 but became an addict in 2009 after my first show at Fenway

What is your favorite DMB song?: Pig, #41, Stone, Lie In Our Graves, Warehouse

How many concerts have you attended?: 22

What does the music mean to you?: The lyrics are the best part of the songs. Many of the songs carry a carpe diem theme which i truly love. "While your dancing on the ground why think of life when your gone"

Any special moments you would like to share?: I have caught two drum sticks at the shows. I was given a setlist from the 6/26/11 show at Bader Field also on live release. I then had the setlist signed by Boyd at one of the gatherings. I started the chant for Halloween at that same concert and the chant echoed among 60K fans and the band played it. The best memory i have so far and tweeting with Jeff and allowing him to wear my Bruins jersey N2 of mansfield in 2013. He gave us a setlist from the first night signed by the whole band and gave me and my friends VIP passes to the VIP Lounge where we could eat and drink for free. Then he wore my Zdeno Chara jersey the entire show. Videos on youtube show the proof and there is a picture on DMBAlmanac of the setlist he gave us. Truly an amazing experience.


Josh Koch

Sean Flanagan