Matt Telker

Twitter: @mattelker

How long have you been a DMB fan?: I was first exposed to them when I was 13 or 14 due to my older sister. She handed down her old mp3 player to me and I casually listened to some Dave and Tim. Fast forward to sophomore year of high school and my buddy convinced me to go to a show. The rest is history.

What is your favorite DMB song?: Pantala Naga Pampa. I could hear this and Rapunzel at literally every single show I attend and I would be elated.

How many concerts have you attended?: 18 (plus a mini D&T set at the caravan)

What does the music mean to you?: It's just, as cheesy as it sounds, a part of who I am. And everyone who knows me knows that.

Any special moments you would like to share?: Randall's Island Stone opener. I was 4 or 5 rows back in the center and during the Can't Help Falling In Love outro Carter and I were singing to each other. Temporary bonding moment. Well....that's what I tell myself.

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