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Leroi Moore gets "Smooth" in new Honda Ridgeline Promo

October 14th, 2007


Leroi Moore jams on his saxophone in a new Honda Ridgeline Commercial.  

"Tough Meets Classy" is the new theme for the Honda Ridgeline promo spots released last week on television. Honda released four different themes to promote the new 2008 Honda Ridgeline, each to talk up specific vehicle attributes.

The "Tough meets classy" theme features women drinking tea with Chuck Norris stopping by to crash the party; "Rugged meets spacious" has a lumberjack floating in space; "Tradition meets innovation", has a father at Thanksgiving dinner whipping out a laser knife to cut the turkey; and "Rough meets smooth" takes place on a fishing boat battling savage seas, and huge waves swamping the sailors on deck. On deck with the sailors is impeccably dressed LeRoi Moore jamming on saxophone.

Watch the Honda Ridgeline Promo with Leroi Moore

This is not the first time that DMB members have been on commercials or have done promotional ads. Boyd Tinsley has been featured in a couple commercials over the years. He was featured in a Twix candy bar ad in 2000 and in an American Express ad in 2003. Boyd has also done various modeling for Jansport, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gucci. Some of these jobs proceeds have gone to charities.

But...that's not all. Dave Matthews face was plastered in copies of "The Nation" as a promotional effort to get subscribers. They claim that he is a Nation reader.  

Dave Matthews Band songs have been known to be featured during various sporting events and commercials. All just part of the business or just another avenue to promote the Band and their music?

In 2005, Dave Matthews Band offer their song "Stand Up" to the Tiger Woods PGA tour 06 video game. This only months after the release of their latest and current album with the same name in May 2005.

What will they do next? 

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