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Live Nation Closes Starwood Amphitheatre

February 14th, 2007

starwood.jpgLive Nation announced on Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 that Music City’s premiere outdoor music venue, Starwood Amphitheatre has closed, canceling the 2007 concert season.

Watch the news the report from Nashville, Tennessee.

Live Nation said the close comes after serious discussions with a buyer. The company confirmed that the potential buyer is not an entertainment company, making the amphitheatre's future unclear. Many Music Row execs and music fans are really bummed by Tuesday’s news. After all, Nashville saw James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith,..

The last show listed on the amphitheatre's Web site is the Volunteer Jam 2007 on May 19, with the Charlie Daniels Band, The Marshall Tucker Band and The Outlaws. These shows have been canceled.

This is the first mid-western venue to be shut down and sold by Live Nation this year. There have been rumors flying around about other venues, like Verizon Wireless Music Center , formerly known as Deer Creek, seeking other buyers. There is currently a petition being signed to try and save the venue.

Dave Matthews Band played at the Starwood Amphitheatre a total 10 times spanning from 1996 through 2006. The September 11th, 1996 show was canceled and rescheduled due to a tragic death in the DMB family.

Road Crew Notes From Past Shows:

5July 25th 2001 ~ "Tonight's show must come close to being one of the longest DMB has ever done. Bela, Futureman and Jeff Coffin of the Flecktones joined in on a bunch of tunes including Sleep to Dream Her, Grace is Gone and The Space Between. DMB played about 20 songs all in all."

July 9th, 2002 ~ "DMB put on another exhilarating show this evening in Antioch, TN. It was again an extremely humid night making for a bunch of sweaty musicians on stage. An old friend came out and joined the band on stage for a few songs. Mike Durham sat in with DMB occasionally during the early days. Those of you present at those regular shows on Wednesdays at the Floodzone would probably remember him."

August 4th, 2004 ~ "We love Nashville! DMB played a lively show this evening. They're continuing to have fun with Too Much, morphing portions of the song in ways we haven't heard before. Dave sang some lyrics from Bowie's Golden Years over the Too Much chords, and it fit perfectly."

July 20tt, 2005 ~ "Robert Randolph happens to be in Nashville doing some recording, so the band asked him to come down and hang out for a few tunes. His pedal steel stylings added to an already great evening. Early in the show the band for the first time played the track known as American Baby Intro, though they actually segued it into Dream Girl. This tune has the solid potential to step up and become it's own thing. We're psyched to see where it goes."

August 16th, 2006 ~ "It was a beautiful evening in Nashville. Tonight the band pulled out the newish tune Shotgun. It wasn't on the set list. Out of nowhere, Dave played the first few chords of the tune, then smiled at Carter who nodded and smiled back, at which point the whole band kicked into it. Band friend Mike Durham sat in, adding to the already rocking Louisiana Bayou."