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New Song Debuted on Dave Matthews Solo European Tour

February 25th, 2007

cornbread.jpgThe Dave Matthews Solo European tour is in full swing and started off at Newcastle City Hall on February 23rd. It was announced on the same day that his long time friend Tim Reynolds would be joining him on the 14 show tour through Europe. Only 2 shows have been played thus far and Dave Matthews has already pulled a new song out of his hat, entitled “Corn Bread” It was reported that there was a taper at this show, but the song itself has yet to surface. “Christmas Song” was also played after someone from the crowd yelled the song title out to Dave.

musicicon.jpg Download Dave & Tim and Full Band versions of Cornbread **Forum Registration is Required**

Below you can view the debut of "Corn Bread" from the Newcastle City Hall show.


Corn Bread – (02.23.2007)


Glasgow, Scotland was the location for the second show on February 24th, which provided more surprises. There was an intro/interlude (that is still unnamed) played before “Gravedigger” and “Can’t Stop” was played for the first time ever with out the full band. Dave played the song solo with a baritone electric guitar. “Grey Street” also found a place on the setlist, being played Dave and Tim style for the first time since May 5th, 2003.


Below you can view a couple videos from the Scotland show.

Some Devil – (02.24.2007)

Can’t Stop – (02.24.2007)