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New Song: “Run While We Can” Soundcheck Leaked

 June 26th, 2007


 A new Dave Matthews Band song has surfaced thanks to a recording of a soundcheck in Las Vegas. DMB played Las Vegas this past year on March 23rd and 24th. The song has been called “Run While You Can” or “Run While We Can”, by fans. This song does not have any official name by the band and has only been soundchecked at shows during the 2006 tour and in Las Vegas this year.

Dave Matthews Band spent some time during the 2006 tour road testing new songs as they are well known for doing. Some songs that were road tested during these shows include: The Idea of You, Shotgun, Kill the King, Sister and Break Free. Though there was word of “Run While We Can” being an additional new song being soundchecked, it has yet to be played during a show and there was no known recorded audio of the song until now.

musicicon.jpg  Download audio of “Run While We Can” on the DBTP Forum. Registration is required to download

Thanks to Jenn aka dmbgirl87 for the video of this soundcheck in Las Vegas

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