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Dave Matthews speaks out about Jonathan Town and our US Soliders

July 13th, 2007

jontown.jpgIn recent months, news has been building about the ongoing problem with our US military and all of the soliders whom have been discharged without any medical benefits because of a "pre-existing disorder".

Dave Matthews first spoke about the story of Jon Town, during shows at UMass and again at Radio City Music Hall back in April. This news came from an article posted by The Nation, back on March 29th, 2007.

Jon Town is one of many from the US military who was injured in Iraq and discharged without medical benefits because he was deemed to have a pre-existing condition.

On June 13th, 2007, issued a newsletter about the ongoing problems with US troops and issued a petition to sign, which will be sent to the Secretary of Defense.

Please take a moment to sign the petition.

On July 12th, 2007, Jon Town's story was on "Nightline and "World News Tonight" on ABC. Dave Matthews spoke out about Jon Town and this ongoing problem during those reports.

You can view the video with Dave Matthews here

View Jon Town's story on Nightline here

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