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Dave Matthews plays new song at Hampton Benefit: #27

July 29th, 2007

27.jpgDave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performed at the East Hampton Ross School Benefit last night. The very expensive concert was set up as a series of artists including Prince, Billy Joel, James Taylor and Tom Petty for a price tag of $15,000 or ($3000 per concert).

A new song was debuted. A song called #27. Dave played the new song on the electric guitar and did not speak of the origin of the name. There have been many other songs that have been the title of a number (#34, #36, #40, #41). This seems to be common practice for Dave Matthews.

musicicon.jpg Download #27 Here *(Forum Registration Required)

#27 Lyrics

As the concert date grew closers ticket sale were not what the fund-raisers would have hoped and some tickets were discounted. Ross School employees and families were offered the chance to bid on 200 tickets to Matthews show. Select members of a Dave Matthews fan club will also be able to buy discounted tickets, for $250 apiece.

"Sabrina Levine of Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, which is in charge of publicity for the series, said that Mr. Matthews purchased the 200 tickets at full value and is now offering them to his fans for a discounted price. (Those 200 tickets, at the publicly offered price of $3,000, would set Mr. Matthews back $600,000.) Apparently, Ms. Levine said, some of Mr. Matthews’s followers had been annoyed that he would be performing in an exclusive concert that many could not afford to attend."

The setlist for the show:

So Damn Lucky
Old Dirt Hill
Stay or Leave
Grace Is Gone
Save Me
Still Water > DDTW
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
Lie In Our Graves
Stream w/ Kashmir (Tim solo)
The Maker
Crash Into Me
Dancing Nancies
Some Devil (Dave solo)
Ants Marching


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