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NEW SONG: "Eh Hee" Played Full Band in Noblesville, IN

August 20th, 2007

ehhee.jpgDave Matthews Band performed another new song at Verizon Wireless Music Center this past weekend. "Eh Hee" also known as "Ahyee" was played for the first time full band Saturday night.

musicicon.jpg Download "Eh Hee" from 08.18.07

When the song first debuted on the Dave & Friends Carribean Cruise it was orginally spelled "Ahyee". The name of the song has remained the same but the spelling of the song is now officially "Eh Hee". 

View the 02.05.06 setlist
View the 04.22.07 setlist

The first performances of "Eh Hee" were played two times on the morning of 02.05.06; once on two different cruise ships; Majesty of the Seas and Sovreign of the Seas. Two small intimate shows which occurred because of bad weather on the beaches of the Bahamas where Dave & Friends played a short 1 hour and 21 minute performance before they were forced to end the show. 

Read the DMB Crew Notes from the show. Road Page Notes
What a day! We're in Nassau, Bahamas for the Caribbean Cruise Getaway. Everything started off great for our show on the beach. 4000 very happy looking people arrived on the island by ferry over the coarse of a few hours. Dave & Tim took the stage around 7 PM and played five songs before the rest of the band joined in. The rain started not long after, and turned into a storm that forced us to pause the show. Much of our electronic equipment was waterlogged and damaged. Some of the audience headed back to the ships. About 750 remained and about an hour later, the rain let-up enough for us to get some acoustic guitars and vocals working. Dave and Tim played a few more songs, then Dave and Trey, a few more. The feeling remained that we owed those that left early, a bit more show. After some quick planning, we headed to the boats ourselves to finish what we came here to do. We started on the Sovereign of the Seas, where Toots and the Maytals equipment was set-up. We plugged into their gear and had the show up and running in little time. The band jammed for about an hour, completing their intended set list. We then hopped across the dock and did the same thing on the Majesty, using Bob Weir and Ratdog's equipment. Lucky for us, Bob was close by and sat in on a tune. The shows were excellent. We all had a blast and it looked like the crowd did to. The boats had a schedule to keep and needed to head back to sea. We were escorted off the Majesty and walked the docks back to our vans, to the cheers of the fans from the decks above. All in all, a surreal, yet exhilarating experience that we will not soon forget.

The DMB Crew
Sunday, February 5
5:33 AM EST


musicicon.jpg Download to Eh Hee from 02.05.06 (Majesty of the Seas)

musicicon.jpg Download to Eh Hee from 02.05.06 (Sovereian of the Seas)

Just a few months later, "Eh Hee" was performed again at show in Manchester, England during the Dave Matthews solo tour in Europe.

musicicon.jpg Download to Eh Hee from 05.12.06

The song would be tease a few times, but never to be heard again until April 2007 at a Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds show in New York. Dave played the song after he told a story about the Khoi San while he was in Africa with his family. The songs lyrics may have been influence from his experience in Africa with the Khoi San.

"Eh Hee" became an official live release on August 14th, 2007 when the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds show from Radio City Music Hall was released on CD and DVD.  

videoicon.jpg Watch Eh Hee from 04.22.07 

musicicon.jpg Download to Eh Hee from 04.22.07 

With the full band performance of "Eh Hee", this song along with "The Maker" are the only two songs in the DMB Catalog that have been played Full DMB, Dave & Tim, Dave & Friends and Dave solo.

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