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Dave Matthews Band Take a Camera on the Road

September 19th, 2007

myspacetv.jpgDave Matthews Band have been traveling around the country touring this Summer and have been recording behind the scene footage of their life on the road. The videos have included clips from different venues, soundchecks, random daily activites and fan interaction with the band. Each video has contained a soundboard quality clip of a song that was played on the tour. The videos have been posted on DMB's MySpace Page as well as

DMB have been reaching out to fans in many ways this year with a bunch of various contests as well as thier very own Myspace page and Stefan Lessard's own personal page which was launched last year. These things along with the videos have given fans a more intimate, in depth look at the band.  

videoicon.jpg Watch the On The Road with DMB Summer 2007 Videos

Video 1: (Released 08.22.07)

Video 2: (Released 08.31.07)

Video 3: (Released 09.18.07)

Video 4: (Released 10.03.07) 


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