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2008 DMB News

Liz Phair joins Dave Matthews record label: ATO Records


Liz Phair joins a growing list of artist at ATO Records. ATO Records who recently signed Radiohead for thier 2008 release 'In Rainbows" was co-founded by Dave Matthews and continues to grow with superstar artist.

Liz Phair, whom was previously with Capital Records, signed a deal with ATO Records and will start with a reissue of her debut album, "Exile in Guyville." The re-release will contain 4 bonus tracks and a DVD, set for a June 24th release.

The DVD will include Liz Phair interviewing Chicago music scene vets like producers Steve Albini and Brad Wood, her former Matador compadres Gerard Cosloy and Chris Lombardi, National Public Radio host Ira Glass and actor John Cusack.

Dave Matthews introduces the Guyville Redux DVD.

Liz Phair also has plans of a new album release with ATO in the fall.

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