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New song from 2004...Sugar Will...Returns in 2008

July 10th, 2008


Sugar Will, one of 5 new songs to debut in 2004, makes it's long overdue return, last night in Tampa, FL. Sugar Will was played heavily during the 2004 summer tour and then never heard from again, aside from 2 very brief teases in 07.  

Of all the new 2004 songs, Crazy Easy is now the only song that remains unplayed since that tour. Good Good Time has yet to be played again in a full band setting, but was played during the Dave & Friends cruise in 2006.

The 2008 Summer tour has been full of random song debuts, covers, and even with unfortunate departures by fellow band members, DMB show no signs of slowing down.  

It should come as no surprise to fans that DMB will play what they want, when they want. Even if it takes years, you can never really count any song out. #34 is a perfect example of this. "The Long Black Veil" and "The Space Between" are among other songs to see some play after quite some time.

Some may recall the survey that Stefan held on his website last year, asking fans what songs they would like to hear again. Sugar Will was among many songs on that list, however "Sweet Up and Down" was the song to make the huge comeback in 2007. 

Sugar Will has added to the excitement of an already unique tour. Time will tell what else DMB has in store for the remainder of the 2008.