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Dave & Tim Play Green Concert at Red Rocks


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds took part in the "Green Concert" at Red Rocks last night in Morrison, CO. The concert was an invite only private event.

The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee presented an official welcoming concert event for invited guests to celebrate the City’s greening efforts around the 2008 Democratic National Convention, as well as to raise environmental awareness.

Dave Matthews proudly endorsed Barak Obamba months ago and also headlined a Obama Rally in Bloomington, IN back in April 2008. Dave Matthews whom is also a strong supporter of many environmental issues made him a perfect candidate for this event.

Sheryl Crow and Sugarland also joined Dave Matthews at the event, as well as speeches by Bill McDonough and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dave & Tim played an hour set which including Paul Simon's "American Tune". A song which had not been played by Dave Matthews since the 2004 Dave & Friends tour.

Full Setlist


So Damn Lucky

Where Are You Going


American Tune


Out of My Hands

Dancing Nancies




The Ants Go Marching One by One [partial] (hummed)

Ants Marching

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