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DMB Show with No Saxophone: 08.05.2008


Last night at the Riverbend Music Center, Dave Matthews Band continued to provide more surprises and excitement to an already remarkable 2008 Summer Tour. This tour has had it's share of highs and lows, but DMB always makes "The Best of What's Around". 

With an unfortunate ATV accident  on June 30th, 2008 that left Leroi Moore injured and unable to continue on with the tour, DMB called on Jeff Coffin, saxophonist for Bela Fleck and The Flecktones. While DMB and fans alike are wishing for Leroi's speedy recovery, Jeff has been a pro stepping in for Leroi providing his unique style to the DMB sound.

Jeff is filling in for the remainder of the 2008 tour, however he did have a previous commitment to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones last night in Philadelphia, PA. This left the Dave Matthews Band with no replacement to fill Leroi or Jeff's shoes with the Saxophone. This marks only the second time ever in DMB's history that they have played a show with out a Sax. The only other time is when Leroi had to miss a show due to an illness in his family back almost 14 years ago on 10.16.94.

The show was not completely without horns. Rashawn Ross was onstage with the trumpet, but even with the lack of the sax during the Cincinnati show, DMB did not shy away from heavy hitters like, "Crush" and "#41". "The Idea of You" was played for the first time in a month, along many other standards that have been played throughout the 2008 tour.

"If your Lucky" Dave mumbled, responding to the numerous chants for "Halloween" throughout the start of the show. DMB later gave into the crowd and played an impromptu version of  "Halloween", but not before a fake out of "Everyday" which would later be played in full. Read the Road Crew Notes. "Halloween" has not been played as frequent as it used to be in earlier years. The last time it was played was in Las Vegas, 03.24.07.

DMB topped of what might be one of the most unique shows of the tour with a strong performance of "Two Step", with an extended solo by Carter Beauford.

With ongoing speculation of how a DMB show would sound with no saxophone, while not their ideal scenario, the show must go on and they did not disappoint.

The tour continues on August 7th in Virginia Beach. Jeff Coffin will return to join the band for the remainder of the tour. Send good thoughts and well wishes to Leroi.