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January 23rd, 2008 has added a donation link to the forums and the main site and we would like to ask you to consider making a small donation toward the maintenance and future upgrades for our site.

Your donations will be going towards ONLY the costs to run and maintain the site. exists because of our passion for the Dave Matthews Band, which we want to share with you...

DBTP has come a very long way since the birth of the website in September of 2006. We have worked hard to provide DMB fans various DMB resources and we plan to expand on the features and content of the site and the forums.

How do I donate?
Paypal donations can be sent to - or by clicking the "donate" button at the top of the navigation toolbar on the forum.

You can also find a button on the left hand column of the main website under the navigational links.

Questions about donating?

 CLICK HERE to read more about donations.

Our goal for include

  • Moving on a dedicated server.
  • We are currently running on 2 shared servers. Some new features and updates that we are looking to implement on the site will require more space and bandwidth. While this is working for us now, as the site continues to grow and more people visit and use the site, with possible added features, we will need more bandwidth to support it.
  • Overall we want to keep the website running fast and smooth with limited downtime. Getting on a dedicated server will help in achieving this.
  • In Addition, we will continue to provide you with up-to-date DMB news and articles and will be working to improve the content and overall layout and structure of the website.
  • For example, the pictures portion of our site is a bit of a mess right now. We will be working to improve that part of the website, and plan to add even more pictures!!
  • We will continue to send our bi-weekly newsletters. We will also continue our monthly contests...and we have some good ones this year!

   Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your consideration to donate to

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