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There is absolutely no limit that a Dave Matthews Band fan will go to express their fandom. It can come in many forms, but whether you are a "diehard" or a casual fan there are so many ways to express your love and support for Dave Matthews Band. 

Tattoos are one of many ways to express DMB fandom. For over two years has been bringing you an outstanding collection of DMB tattoos from people all over the world. dmbtattoo now have over 700 tattoos and counting. Firedancer are always a popular choice, but there are many unique tattoos and fans have been inspired to get a tattoo thanks to the website.

Whatever you obsession or niche is, sharing the DMB love is what it's all about! recently added pictures of license plates inherited by dmbrr. Do you have a DMB tattoo or license plate? Send it over to and check out everyone else's ink and plates.

How to do you express your DMB fandom? Send a photo, story, anything at all expressing your DMB fandom and be entered in our december contest for a 2009 DMB calendar and a copy of "Live at Mile High" on CD.

Be sure to check out dmbtattoo's winter contest for a limited edition poster made by

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